Friday, February 29, 2008

The very special Feb. 29th movie post

Honestly, to tell you the truth I am writing this movie blog today, because leap years happen once every four years, yeah, yeah, I know, thanks for pointing that out Captain Obvious. Just writing this to let people know that I have hit a milestone with the DVDs. Now here's where you guys reading this, and that's probably very few of you, because I can hear the crickets chirping.But for those of you who are reading, I am writing because The milestone, which I'll get to in a minute or so, comes on this Feb. 29, which happens once every four years. Ok, now to get to the milestone, 400 DVDs. That is all

Monday, February 25, 2008

In the Valley of Elah

This was a very interesting movie that starred Tommy Lee Jones and Charlize Theron. This is about a soldier named Mike Deerfield, whose father Henry (played by Jones) is trying to find him after he comes back from Iraq and goes AWOL.
Henry finds out that his son has gone AWOL when the base calls the home to look for him. Henry takes his case to the police, but is told that he has to go to the military police, but wants the state police to take care of it. The reason for it is because he is a former army man and knows how they will work.
Henry forces his way into helping the police find his son and find out what happened; and also find out who did it. This happens the entire movie which was interesting, because it had twists and turns the entire time, and makes you think what happened, who did it, and what certain things could mean when the characters see them and are trying to go after the attackers. This movie will make you think. I want you to go see this movie.