Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I live in GAAATHUMB CIty

There are many heroes out there and the greatest one of all is: Bat Thumb. He is the savior of GAAAThumb city.

The reason for that, he has to save the city from the evil No-Face. That's right I said No-Face. No-Face wants to stop Bat Thumb, and his sidekick Blue Jay, and make them faceless, like him. Why? So they can see what it's like to be a freak.

There is a struggle, but the Bat and Blue Jay survive and save the city. How I will not say!

From 1-10, I say 9

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Since my last blog dealt with pro-wrestling, guess what, this one will too. This blog was sparked after watching ECW Wrestlepalooza '97. How could you possibly write about a wrestling pay-per-view thats 14 years old? I know that's what some people are thinking.

I'll tell ya. It sparked the blog for a few reasons. Let me start with one of them.

Reason one: The fact that ECW is no longer in business. The reason for that is not making enough money, or spending more than they had. Only one person can have the blame put on him. That man Paul Heyman. Don't get me wrong he knew how to market everything, but he wasn't a money person.

Reason Two: The rights to the company are owned by Vince McMahon. Who would've seen that coming? Probably many people!

Reason Three: Look at how many of those ECW guys that are either retired, working the indies, or dead.

I guess watching old wrestling like Wrestlepalooza can do that.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

David Arquette: The WCW Champion

Recently, I was thinking about the movie Ready To Rumble. This movie follows the story of two fans named Gordie (Arquette), and Sean (Caan),who are huge fan of pro-wrestling. The story involves Gordie and Sean following around and helping out their favorite wrestler, Jimmy King.

They do this, because they feel that King has lost his way, because he is an older wrestler (for WCW), and is put down by the other wrestlers. Gordie and Sean want to help King regain his World Heavyweight title, so that way he can regain his confidence.

Now on to other things. Let me say this, I enjoy bad movies, but this movie was so bad, that I don't know anyone who likes it. One major thing that made this bad was that World Championship Wrestling (WCW), had made David Arquette, their World's Champ.

This movie is so bad, it gets an NR for No Rating