Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Should Some Movies Have sequels

I have a question for you movie watchers out there? That question is: Should some movies have sequels?

There are different views on it, and I will give you my readers, mine. OK, so how to look at this? This is tough, but I am headed to that point now.

If the series has a character that is needed in the story-line, yes, make sequels. Why? I say that you should make the sequels with a certain character, just say Freddy, Jason, or Micheal Myers, people will be interested to see what happens with them next. People will want to see how they will survive, and how many people they will take out to live.

For the same reason you might not want to make to many sequels. Why? People will get tired of the characters and want something new out of the characters, creators, and the series.

Another reason for keeping up with sequels is to see how many different stories the writing/creative time can come up with.

I know this is short but these are my opinions

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Cleveland Show

Many people may know, but some people may not, but I am a fan of The Cleveland Show. The Cleveland Show was created by Seth Macfarlane, who is also the creative genius behind Family Guy and American Dad. I am writing about The Cleveland Show, because I recently started watching the complete first season on DVD.

One reason why I am watching this, is because I am a fan of Macfarlane's other shows, which I previously mentioned.

Now that I've said that, let me tell you a little bit about what The Cleveland Show is all about. It is a spin-off show starring Cleveland Brown, one of the main characters from Family Guy. The show starts out with Cleveland and his son Cleveland, Jr. going to move to California. That doesn't exactly happen. What happens is that Cleveland meets his old crush Donna, and falls in love with and the rest is it from there.

No, I'm not gonna talk about every episode for a few reasons. Those are: 1) to many wacky adventures, and 2) to much time. So just remember to watch!

Monday, January 03, 2011

My post-Christmas, First 2011 post

The holidays were great in the movie category. Plenty of DVD's came my way. As of January 3, 2011, my collection is up to 648 different movies.

For those of you who want to ask, the answer is, yes, I have started to watch some of the movies/TV series that I have on DVD. Yes, I will admit that it'll take me a very long time to watch all off these, but I will do it. How long will it take me? I can't really say. I don't really know.

I have a feeling, the next question will be: "what movie will be next?" My answer: it's kind of like poker it's 100% random. I don't know what order, I don't know what time of day, I don't know if it is going to be comedy, crime, TV show, I just don't know.

Hopefully soon I will post some reviews