Friday, August 27, 2010


Recently, I just finished watching the movie Orphan. When the commercials for this movie came out, many people said "that's going to be scary!" or "It's going to make me piss myself!" After hearing that, I told people, "no it's not!" and "no it won't!"

I thought that I would never watch this movie, but I did. I wanted to see what it was all about. OK, so let me tell ya. Orphan is about this girl named Esther, who was an orphan who went from home to home because something happened to her previous families. For example, they died in a house fire, and many other scenarios.

As the movie goes on, the couple, John and Kate, who adopted Esther start fighting over her. While this happens, you see John take Esther's side while Kate sees Esther for what she really is.

Yes, there are many more things that happen, but I want you to find those out for yourself. On the 1-10 I give this movie a 5.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sports Movies

There are a lot of different sports movies. Many of them are better than others, but to me they are fun to watch. There are basketball, baseball, hockey, golf, football, and many other sports.

One of my favorites is BaseketBall. It was a movie written by Trey Parker, and Matt Stone. You know they two guys who did South Park. This film is about two guys who create there own sport. It is a combination of basketball and baseball.

To explain, the game is played like basketball, but has all the rules of baseball, with some minor modifications.

One of my favorite football movies happens to be Rudy, Staring Sean Astin. I enjoy this movie because it tells us that anyone can do anything they want to.

It also shows us that no matter what anyone says, you can make it if you keep going. Prove people wrong. Don't believe everything you hear.

This film also shows us how to deal with struggle, and get past it.

One of my favorite baseball movies is The Sandlot. The Sandlot tells the story of a new kid in town (Smalls) who is too smart for his own good, has no friends and is athletically in adequate. He winds up meet a group of kids becoming friends learns to play baseball, but gets them in the biggest pickle of their lives. I'll leave it up to you to find out what it is.

Monday, August 16, 2010


Parodies are something you don't see a lot of in the movie world. I mean, yeah, some have been made. Yeah, some are better than others, and some just plain out suck. Even though that happens, people have the right to poke fun at things. The thing is that most parodies are familiar.

I've watched a few parodies in the movies. The most famous one I've seen is Mel Brooks' Spaceballs. For those of you who don't know, that's the Star Wars parody. This one is my favorite because I am a geek for episodes IV, V, &VI. Other than that, I loved Spaceballs because of how each character pokes fun at a Star Wars character.

Speaking of characters; some of my favorites are Barf, short for Barfolomew, played by John Candy, and Pizza the Hutt, voiced by Dom Deluise. Remember if you don't pay, you won't be ordering out for pizza, Pizza will be ordering out for you.

The second parody that I thought was funny was Silence of the Hams, starring Dom Deluise from the previous dinner. Silence of the Hams tells the story of murders that take place during a dinner.

Moving on. The next set of parodies that comes to mind are the Scary Movie movies. My opinion on those: indifferent. I say that because the first two were OK and the last two were bad.

Speaking of the Scary Movie franchise, leads me to my next parody, that I didn't like. That movie: Meet the Spartans. For those of you who don't know, this pokes fun at 300, which might I add is inaccurate.

Meet the Spartans was one of my least favorite parodies because I didn't find it funny.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Black and white movies

As I sit here and watch The Rocky Horror Picture Show, I am going to write about old black and white films. Trust me as a film major in school, I've seen a lot. The main one I am going talk about is Citizen Kane.

As far as b&w films go, this is one of the most famous ones. It tells the story of Charles Foster Kane, who was given up for adoption, and became a very wealthy newspaper writer.

When the movie starts we see a very old Kane laying in his bed holding a snow globe. The first thing we as the audience hear is the word "Rosebud" as Kane drops the snow globe and dies.

Throughout the movie the story revolves around What rosebud means, while we see old friends of Kane being interviewed, and telling what they knew about him. While the movie goes along, no one was able to tell us what this mysterious word meant. Even though we didn't find out who or what it was, we did see it. I know someone will be like "what is it?" Guess what I'm not telling.

I think that the twist and turns of not hear what rosebud is, but seeing it, makes Kane more interesting. Many people may and will disagree with me, and feel free.

Other than the story Orson Welles' use of lighting, camera movements and angles also help make the movie interesting. For instance, to show Kane's power and importance, when he is speaking Welles (who played Kane) uses low angles towards Kane to make him seem bigger than normal.

Many of the other things that were used are to lengthy to explain, so watch the movie to see how they work.