Thursday, December 31, 2009

Final Post of '09

This post is the final post of 2009. This is about the what I think of A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors. I have to say this film was way different than I though that it would be. I am not saying that it is a extravagant film such as Citizen Kane or Gone With the Wind, but it is a great way to keep an awesome horror movie icon like Freddy Krueger alive.
I know many people might think that I am crazy for say that Krueger is one of the best, but I believe that to be true. This movie tells how Freddy comes alive in peoples dreams just like the previous two films, but this time he is attacking the dreams of kids who are in a hospital for other problems that they all have.
Technical things like the lighting help tell the story, and help us become one with the characters. It allows you to feel all nervous and it wants you to feel creeped out and scared so that you will hope that this doesn't happen to you. I know the movie is fake, but sometimes it feels good to get a scare. Getting a scare from a movie like this, can make life fun.
This movie brings out the fun of the 1980s, and the fun of being scared. Many people may not agree with me.

Monday, December 28, 2009


Memento is a really interesting film about a man named Leonard, who has a memory problem. He has a short term memory problem after there is an accident involving his wife a few years before. His wife is raped and murdered, and because of this he cannot remember anything after this problem. Because of the events involving his wife, he can only retain information for a short period of time. To help try and jog his memory, Leonard keeps notes, and takes pictures of people places and things that he has seen and has been to.
As the movie goes on, Leonard tries to find the man named John G. who was suspected of raping and murdering Leonard's wife. While this is happening Leonard has people throwing off track and people trying to help him. This movie certainly screws with your head. It makes you feel like you can guess what is going to happen next, but you can't. The reason why you can't is you see the scene and then you see it again, with a little bit more information added. Another scene is shown, and then it goes back to the original scene and the last bit of information is added which makes everything come together.
To paraphrase a Tim Curry line from The Rocky Horror Picture Show, This is a mental mind screw. I have to agree with this. Memento really screws with your head. It really makes you think, like you never thought before. It is hard to keep track of what is really going on. Tell me what you think!!!! I give this film a 9

Friday, December 25, 2009

The new Lot

The new lot of Christmas DVD's has come in. As soon as I start getting done with most of them, I will start writing reviews. This may take a while because there are so many different ones, but I will do what I can to do it.
I don't know exactly how there are of you out there reading this, but the reviews will keep coming, They will start slowly, but they will start coming within the next couple of days.
So, as soon as this process starts moving, there will be more to follow. Until then, it will be up when it will be up. I honestly know how long it will take me to post all of the movie reviews, but I have a lot of watching to do. For any of you out there who do read this, I just ask for some time, and I will make sure reviews are produced.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Movies in General

I know that there are many different kinds of films out in the world for people to like. Yes, I'll admit it, I have been known to like some bad movies. Yes, everyone else does too; they just do it a lot more than I do. No, I'm not saying that I am going to cut off all communication with these people. Maybe I should with some of them. Again, I'll admit my movie choices aren't always that great, but I have been known to pick out some good movies.
A lot of times, I have the conversation of bad movie picking with people at my job. These people will tell me that they are going to see whatever movie it is. It's usually, hell it's always the bad movie. When I tell these people "don't see that, it's crap" they don't believe me. Then, the next time I see them, I get asked "why the hell didn't you convince me to see that?" Of course, my response is "I did you dumbass, but you didn't listen!"
Again, I'll say that I do not always pick the greatest movies around. The point that I am getting at is, "listen to the film student, who tells you not to see a piece of shit movie."
I know this seems like a lot of rambling and raving and carrying on, but I wanted to get my feelings out there.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

S. Darko The "Sequel" Eight years Later

S. Darko is the "sequel," or as the movie crew calls it, the "continuation" of Donnie Darko. S. Darko follows Samantha Darko, Donnie's youngest sister on a trip seven years after his death. It tells her story, while she is on a road trip with one of her friends. It has the same concept of Donnie Darko. There is time travel involved, if you are into that type of thing.
There are even more connections to the first movie, which I will not speak of if you never saw it. The movie is rather interesting, and easier to follow than the movie Donnie. OK, both were easy to follow, but this one is easier to follow if you saw the first film.
This movie has a great story, great characters, a great plot, theme, and many other things. I am not bragging about how great it is, or saying you should go out get the DVD and saying you should watch it. OK I am saying the second part. I feel that you will enjoy this film, because I know I did.