Sunday, May 24, 2009

1980s movies

Yeah, I know movies from the ‘80s are corny, and maybe dumb to kids now a days. But, to tell you the truth they don’t know what they’re missing. Yeah, these movies may have bad stories, characters a much more working against them, but it happens. How do I say this? Being a film student, I feel that kids born in the 1990s should really watch movies from the 1980s. Yeah, they’ll think they’re weird, but it will bring a form of entertainment to everyone. I think it will show them that not all blockbusters had CGI, special effects, and sharks with laser beams attached to the tops of their frickin’ heads.
I know this may make oldity (As someone nicely put it), kick in, but what else can I say?
The reason I bring this up is because I am watching the 1980s classic Adventures in Babysitting. It got me to think about how 1980s movie can and are better than a lot of other movies that have come out in the last ten to fifteen years. No, I’m not saying that ‘90s movies are bad, some are and some aren’t, but we can’t fix that.
Do I expect everyone to agree with me on this? No! But I know you’ll to the death my right to say it. Agree if you want, disagree if you have to, but just remember on things.
Balls in your mouth, bust if ya must!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Movies and Summer

I know the summer is coming and the blockbusters are making their way into the theaters, but are all of these movies going to be blockbuster? Some yes, some maybe, and some absolutely not. The reason why I say this is because all of these movies get hyped up for release and people go and spend their twelve dollars on a tickets and either really like the movie, or be totally devastated by it.

Continuing on with this topic of discussion, which usually ends with me arguing with someone about what will be a good summer blockbuster, people always find out that I am right, but won’t tell me. I bring this up because I always have these coital debates with people at work. Of course, they choose not to believe me when I tell them, so I let then suffer. I tell them, “Oh______(whoever it is), don’t see that movie. It’s going to be bad.” What happens, they see it, they waste their money, and then they tell me, “you’re the film student, why didn’t you tell me?” I did but they didn’t listen. This happens every year when the summer blockbusters come out.

What I’m really trying to get at is why wouldn’t you listen to the FILM STUDENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? Just curious? So guess what? I’ll just let you waste your money on shitty movies.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Death To Woody Allen Films

I guess the main reason I am writing this blog, is for my great hatred and dislike of Woody Allen movies. People may ask me why I strongly dislike Mr. Allen and his film, and I tell them as nicley as possible "He makes me feel like my brain is leaking out of my ears." I am not saying they have to like my favorite director Kevin Smith, but at least he has some humor to him.
Woody Allen's movies take what feels like forever, forever, FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know people may like his films, but to me they are worse than getting kicked in the nut sack, and that is pretty painful.
All I am saying is people wake up and smell the coffee, Allen is possibly one of the worst filmmakers ever!!!!!!!!!!!!