Friday, April 03, 2009

Random post

Right now there aren't too many good movies out there. What I mean is, there are horrible movies, which were funny when I saw them when I was twelve, for example this new movie with Seth Rogen. You know, this one were he is a mall cop. The fat guy already did that was from King of Queens. This movie was similar to something I saw when I was twelve. Here’s an example it’s not a great one, but Liar, Liar starring Jim Carrey. Same movie, different jobs same outcome. A guy, who hates his job, makes fun of it and the possibility of things working out in the end.

I bring this up because it happens, and when I tell people, “Oh, I saw this movie when it was….” They get mad at me. For example, this one girl I work with tells me I am Legend was a good movie, I told her “it was better the first time I saw it as The Last Man on Earth.” She then gets mad at me and I tell her “it also better the second time when I saw it as the remake Omega Man.” She gets mad at me even more. I know it’s annoying that I do this, but I am trying to educate people on film and movies a bit, before they say some jackass-y movie is good.

Another example of a movie that is supposed to be good is Watchmen, nope, no way, no how, saw this a long time ago when it was called Masters of the Universe. Sorry folks, but as a film major, I can tell simply by the commercials that something is good, and Watchmen wasn’t. For me sitting through a bad movie like this one, which I didn’t, The Breakup, or Deconstructing Harry is like getting kicked in the no-no parts over and over.

One other thing on this, I hate people tell me oh some movie is going to be good, I tell them it’s not, they don’t listen, go out see it and waste there money. The best this is afterwards they come back and tell me it’s my fault they saw a bad movie. Bullshit! Pardon my French; you have a mind of your own to either see the movie, or listen to a guy who knows movies.


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