Thursday, April 21, 2011

Of Gods and Men

Last night I saw the Lenten movie, Of Gods and Men, with a bunch of people from church. Being the movie lover I am, I said I'd go. I honestly thought this would be a some-what decent movie, I mean for one that happened to be about religion.

I will admit that the movie had an interesting story. It was about a bunch of priest/brothers who were living in a war torn country, and trying to help people who are less fortunate. While watching this film, I begin to feel like the story was to long and to drawn out. Yes, I know religious movies are supposed to show a majority of the story of some kind of "persecution," but this movie was turning into Lord of The Rings. I mean there were thirty-five false endings.

OK, I'll admit my view on religion isn't exactly like those of people who are over religious, but I mean come on, you can carry a story about religion so far. I know people are going to jump on me for that statement, but remember, your overly religious views aren't 100% correct either.

What I'm getting at is this: this movie was too long and not really a Lenten thing.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Movie Stlyings of Michael Keaton

There have been many movies starring Michael Keaton. Some of them have been good (Batman, and White Noise), and some of them have been bad (Multiplicity), but maybe those are just my opinions. Yeah, yeah, I know people who will tell me I'm nuts, but that is OK.

I know not a lot of people are fans of Mr. Keaton, but again, that's OK. I want to know what people think of his movies. From what I can remember, parts of the first Michael Keaton movie that I saw was Beetlejuice. I really don't remember much about it, but it seemed kind of cool.

Now on to the next movie. As it goes for Batman, I know that Keaton helped revolutionise the series, even though he's no Adam West, but he did make Batman cool again. I know people will give me hell for the Adam West comment, but who cares.

White Noise. Paranormal activity in a movie that involves Michael Keaton. Really? Really? Yeah, Really! I mean it was pretty good. I mean, come one it's better than the Justin Beiber movie.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Laurence "Cowboy Curtis" Fishburn

There is a reason why I am writing this movie blog about Laurence Fishburn; there is also a reason why I have a picture of Cowboy Curtis up there.

Now on to the reasons. On Saturday April 2nd, while going out with some friends of mine, we were having interesting conversations. One question that I brought up was what's one movie you could watch over and over again. People gave answers, and then the topic moved on to The Matrix.

After the conversation about The Matrix started, I stated I couldn't take the movie seriously because of Laurence Fishburn. Don't get me wrong, he's had other serious roles, but they were more believable. OK, I'll admit it is kind of hard for me to take him seriously.

Why? you maybe wondering. I'll Tell you why. It is because of his character Cowboy Curtis, from Pee-Wee's Playhouse. If you've never seen Pee-Wee's playhouse, let me explain the premise. It is a TV show about a "boy" named Pee-Wee, who lives in a playhouse and has his friends come over. Some of those friends are Tito, Miss Yvonne, Reba the Mail Lady, the King of Cartoons, Mrs. Steve, and of course Cowboy Curtis, played by Fishburn.

I'm sorry but how do you take a person in a serious TV or movie role when you know he played a cowboy with a Jheri Curl?

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Horror Movies

I know many people have their favorite horror movies. I just wanted to speak about how or why each one works.

OK, I know people are going to disagree with me, but I want someone to share their opinions with me. I want people to tell me what you think.

Halloween- Works for many reasons. The first reason, Michael Myers doesn't have to say anything when he goes after his victims. The second reason, well to me at least has to deal with Michael's "super strength," so to speak. To me this is cool because it is so hard to bring him down. This is all I am going to say about this now.

Saw- For this series of horror films, it has to do with the mental state of John "Jigsaw" Kramer. This works for the series because he makes you saw what you did wrong, and that you made people feel miserable.

Friday the 13th- To me this has some of the same qualities as Halloween. Tell me if you agree.

Nightmare on Elm Street- Nothing better than a burnt up pedophile with a razor glove, who comes back to kill kids in their dreams. The dreams are what make him strong. Just remember don't fall asleep.