Thursday, June 18, 2009

I met the Spartans....

And I was deeply disappointed. I thought it was going to be funny, but it really wasn't. I mean Don't get me wrong I liked Epic Movie, and Date Movie, but this one not so much. I honestly don't know what it was. I usually love spoof movies, (i.e. Spaceballs), but I just couldn't get into this. Maybe I'm getting old, maybe I'm losing my sense of humor, maybe my humor is changing. I really cannot say.
Yeah, people will look at me as being old, which I might be, but I guess, there is the fact that, it is very hard to make me laugh. I guess that's because of Kevin Smith, and his ever so smart humor, from Clerks on. Now that I look at it, that is a big reason why, but I guess after you're trained to laugh at one thing, you wouldn't laugh at something else unless you turn it in to something smart.
Getting Back to Meet the Spartans, I just didn't think that it was funny. I guess it wasn't written well enough to get me to laugh loud and obnoxiously, but it happens sometimes.
I didn't laugh. So I guess, they'll have to try harder

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Animals as characters in movies

How many times do you see an animal as a main character, or a character that the story is focused on? Answer, not to many. Some of the very few films that do that are Jurassic Park, Howard the Duck, and The Jungle book, come to my mind right away. Why? I can't really say. It's just one of these weird things that I think of while being a film student. Is it weird to everyone else? Yes. Do people think that I am weird for thinking about it? Yes. But ya know what? No one else thinks about it.
This is one of those topics that can come up between myself and other film students. The reason that it does, is because we have run out of other things to talk about. It does seem weird to everyone else, but we enjoy it because, again how often do you see this, or how many times do you get to talk about what the animals represent instead of people.
Now when you readers (if there are any of you), who will read this, will start to think about this now. Don't get me wrong it seems logic to think about this, if you must. In the words of NIKE, "Just do it!"

Friday, June 05, 2009


Yesterday, I had watched the comedy film FanBoys. To me it was a very funny movie. I am not being Biased because I know the guy Dan Pulick who came up with the story and worked on some of the script.
I honestly thought the story was good. The first reason why is because, FanBoys proves to us that all of love something from our childhood, whether or not we admit it. Sometime if we love something enough we should go for it, even if we fail.
Another reason why I liked this film is because it teaches us that sometimes we need to reconnect with people and places that we lost connections to while trying to grow up and move out into the real world.
These are two of the many things that I learned from this movie, and hope that people can learn the same things whether or not they enjoy FanBoys."