Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My Thanksgiving Post

Annually, since the age of thirteen, I've always watched Airheads. Airheads stars Brendan Fraser, Adam Sandler, and Steve Buscemi. They play Chaz (Fraser), Pip (Sandler), and Rex (Buscemi). Why I've watched it since I was thirteen, who knows?

Back to the movie. Other than Fraser, Sandler, and Buscemi, there are a few stars in Airheads. Those names are: Chris Farley, Michael McKean, Michael Richards, and Joe Montegna.

Each of these actors play a major part of the story about Chaz's band, The Lone Rangers, (yes, you read that right), who break into a radio station to get their demo played.

Unfortunately, things don't work out that way. When The Lone Rangers break into the studio, it takes them forever to get in, they have to find a reel-to-reel for the demo, then it goes on fire, because of a cigarette in the ash trey. That happened because the tape snapped. That led to the cops having to find Kayla, Chaz's girlfriend, who had the only other copy.

That right there is another problem. First the cops have to find Kayla, and the tape.

After that is taken care of, the next job is to get a contract; which I'm not going to tell you if that happens or not. Nor will I tell you the ending. Let's just say it doesn't look like it will end well.

Now on to the acting. I think, no believe that Fraser, Buscemi, and Sandler did an excellent job. My reason for that: the story was good, and the way they interacted with the other characters was awesome.

That's all I have to say about my Thanksgiving viewing tradition! It gets an 8 out of 10

Friday, November 19, 2010

Reservoir Dogs

I don't know how many people have seen Quenten Tarantino's 1992 film Reservoir Dogs, but it is one hell of a movie.

This film tells the story of a group of men, only known by colorful names, who are going to rob a jewelry store.

The plan is set, the men are ready, but after they rob the jewelry store something goes wrong. What's that? The cops were tipped off to the robbery.

Now that Mr. Blonde, Mr. White, Mr. Orange, and Mr. Pink all know that, it's time to find out who it is. While they are at the rendezvous spot, it's time to ask questions.

Now, they start running into other problems. Mr. Orange is shot, Mr. Brown and Mr. Blue are dead, and Mr. Blonde brings a cop back to the rendezvous spot in the back of his car. While everything is getting straightened out, they are waiting for Joe to get there.

In the mean time everyone is pointing fingers at someone else about being the rat who tipped the cops off about the robbery. In between all of this happening, Mr. Blonde cuts the cops ear off, and we find out who the rat/informants is.

At this point in time, I mean I could tell you the end of the film, but I won't. I could tell you who the informant/rat is, but I won't. What I will tell you is that this is one hell of a movie, and has one hell of a story. The reason is for the non-linear edit.

I give this film a 10!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Books Vs. Movies

Yes, some movies come from these things called books. You know, those things that have the words on the paper. What am I getting at? Well, I'll tell ya.

With books becoming movies, one thing that bothers me, is when the script doesn't follow the book 100%. This isn't totally true. Some scripts follow directly along with the book.

Two books that do that are And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie, and The Autobiography of Malcolm X.

These two books are excellent examples of books that transfer well to the big screen. These two movies, make you, well at least me, think that the book is coming alive. That is for those of you who read both books and saw both movies.

IF the script sticks to the book, you believe the people playing the characters. For instance, Denzel Washington as Malcolm X. I know many people will tell me it's hard to see that, but, what I mean is, he makes an interesting historical person come alive.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Human Experience

What can I say about this documentary? Well, first off it is intriguing, interesting, and sad all at the same time. I know many people will find that hard to believe, but it is true.

The documentary is about four friends who live in a half way house in Brooklyn, New York, for various reasons. Two of the four 20-somethings that we follow are brothers, Jeffery and Clifford.

What they really wanted to show us, was that no matter how bad you think your life is, someone has worse than you. Also, they wanted to show us that we are put on this world, by God, for a purpose.

As the audience we see what they guys mean, by following them on four different adventures.

The first adventure that we going on is with Clifford and his brother Jeffrey. We follow around them around the streets of New York. We follow them around the streets, because they want to see what it is like to live the life of a homeless person. While watching, we see the brothers beg for money and food in order to survive.

The second adventure, which I think is the saddest one of all, is the trip to the hospital in Peru. They visited the hospital in order to find out ways to help the kids that are there, and to find out ways to help them. While they are there, they tell the back story on some of the children and why they are there.

Adventure number three is to a leper colony in Ghana, Africa. The crew goes there to interview a group of people who are in the colony. The people who the crew speaks to, tells them that because of their disease, they are looked down on by their families.

The forth adventure is a little bit different. Again, it involves Clifford and Jeffery. We find out through title cards that Clifford has set up a meeting between Jeffery, and their father. The reason for that is because Jeffery, hasn't seen his father in 10 years.

Even though this documentary was sad, I will admit that it was rather enlightening to what is happening around us. As I mentioned before, it makes you think about what your purpose in life really is. I have to give this a 10!!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

My least favorite movies

I know that people have a list of favorite and least favorite movies. This is going to be the list of my least favorite movies. I want to know what people think of my list. So give me your opinion on why you agree or disagree with me and my list. I want to hear what you guys have to say.

The only question is: "Where do I start?" Let me just say there many movies that can make this list. If I could, I would make the whole list Woody Allen movies, but I already wrote a blog about how much I strongly dislike him.

OK, here it goes.

1. Van Helsing- Nothing against Hugh Jackman, but the movie was just bad. You know how many movies had people have made movies about changing monsters?

2. Musketeers of Pig Alley- This is a very old silent film. It is also a gangster film. It is a really bad combination of both.

3. any Harry Potter movie- I'm pretty sure they did something like this before. Oh yeah, it was, in the 1940' movies were made about Sherlock Holmes

4. Deconstructing Harry- It's A Woody Allen movie. Need I say more.

5. Any Jack Black Movie- Not really a big fan of his. One saw one movie, but that was it.

Ok, Tell me what you think

Friday, November 05, 2010

My many different film/movie views

As many people know, I was a film student while I was in school. Yes, many times, I've been asked "why did decide to study film?" I answered "so that way, I don't have to do math!" Other than that I've been asked "What was the easiest part of studying film?" Again, I say "I don't have to do math!'

Let's move on. Because I studied film and the history of it in school, I have many different opinions. Many people don't listen to what I have to say, but then realize that I am right. The funny thing is that when people realize I am right, they still try make me feel like I am wrong.

I want people who didn't study film, I am usually (99.9%) right. Even if you don't agree with me, I am still right. Yes, some of the movies I like, will be liked by everyone else, but it can be proved to anyone why they can be seen as fun.

Now on to my views. My views of film are on the very askew end of the spectrum, are see as wrong. That is not true. I can get my opinion just from watching the trailer on television (aka the idiot box). Most people don't believe me, but I know better.

I tried to tell people what movies to see and not see, because of my views. Like I mentioned, my views are right, no matter what people see. What I'm wondering is: why don't people trust my views? They should know better, but until they do, screw the people who don't listen!