Saturday, October 30, 2010

Saw 3D

On Friday, I saw Saw 3D. I thought that this movie was freaking fantastic. Yes, I know there are many people out there who don't like the Saw franchise, and that's fine. Me, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

When I went to see Saw 3D, I didn't know what to expect. The only thing that I knew was that Doctor Gordon from the first Saw was returning. That was about it. What was he going to do? How big was his part going to be? Why didn't he get brought back in a major part earlier? Why did it take six films to figure out what he was involved in?

There were many things that wee enjoyable. The traps were not as strong as some of the predecessors, but they made you think. I am not going to mention what they were. I want the film audience to be surprised.

On a scale of 1-10 this is off the scale!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Favorite Horror movies

1. Halloween- The Movie that started it all
2. Saw- Got me into the world of Jigsaw
3. Texas Chainsaw Massacre- A crazy with a chainsaw, need I say more

4. Final Friday Jason Goes to Hell- Idea of a crossover
5.Freddy vs. Jason- Awesome Crossover.
6.Leprechaun- Don't piss off a Little Irish man 7.Jason X- Three words: Horror in space!!!!!! 8.House of 1,000 Corpses- Dr. Satan!!!!!!!!!!1 9.Devil's Rejects-Creepy

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Opinion like tea leaf in hot water... Both need time for Brewing

The title is a quote from world famous detective Charlie Chan. This comes from the film Charlie Chan in Honolulu. For those of you who don't know, Charlie Chan is an Asian man who works for the Hawaiian Police Department.

Unlike the detectives of today, Charlie is very clever.

But before I continue, I'll mention a few things about the character. When the movies were made, two main actors played the part. The two men were Warner Orland, and Sidney Tolar (my personal favorite).

Something that ludicrous, is how an Asian man, Chan, is played by two white men.

Now back to the Movie. The movie takes place on a freight ship. It takes place on the way to Honolulu. The movie starts out with Charlie finding out that his is having a grandchild. After rushing to the hospital, the phone rings, and Number Five Son answered it. As he goes to deliver them the message, Number Two Son Jimmy, wants to be a detective like his father and tries to take control.

Yes, it starts out like that, but Charlie comes to the rescue. The reason why he comes to the rescue, because the police find out he is not on the ship. After finding out, the police get Charlie on board.

As the film goes on, Chan, as well as us the viewer, gets the same clues, multiple times. Some of the clues, are seen and not heard, but Charlie still figures out who committed the crime. He does this in a very interesting way.

Even though this was only my second Charlie Chan Movie, I found it quiet enjoyable. The way some people cause problems were hysterical. I give this movie an 8 1/2 out of 10.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Saw V- Why is only one detective still alive?

Going into Saw V, we know this is the second movie since Jigsaw's death. The first question that comes to mind is: Why is Detective Hoffman still alive? Number 2: How are these things happening if Jigsaw is dead? Another question is: Who has taken over?

Thing that does make sense is why Jigsaw would keep Hoffman alive. Why would he want a police officer to do his work. Is it because Hoffman's sister was was killed, and this was Hoffman's way of getting revenge. This is what you need to think about.

Another question comes to mind, but I am not going to ask. I want any of you to see if you could figure it out.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Saw IV These little piggies

As I sit here writing, I realized how outstanding the Saw movies have become. In each one, you as the viewer get more clues each time. You see more things that show up, and one of those things is pigs.

This may sound weird, but yes, pigs. Pigs show up through all four movies at this point, but majorly throughout this film. In every film, we always see the pig in a form of a mas, when people are captured to be put into a trap. The first time we see the pigs in Saw IV, is when Jeff and Lynn's daughter is caught sleeping with her brother's pig doll. The reason why she is sleeping with it is because her brother is dead and she misses him.

The Chinese New Year scene, is the second time we see the piggies. The Pigs are seen, because it's supposed to be the Chinese year of the pig. During this scene, which is a flashback, we see see many people including Jigsaw.

The main reason why I believe the writers did this, was to show us how people can filthy animals. That's right, people become animals and can be highly uncivilized; just like the people Jigsaw put in the traps.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Chalk up another one for Jigsaw (technically)

As most of you can see, this is my third Saw blog. I am going to do one for each of the first six films, until I finish watching them. The reason I said I am doing this is because of the release of Saw 3D on October 29.

This movie is kept in one area like the first one done a few years before. This works for this type of film. This time a husband and wife are in the hands of Jigsaw, who is on his deathbed. The only things is that the husband Jeff, and the wife Lynn, don't know the other one is a captive of Jigsaw. As well as the two of them, Amanda from the first two, is part of the game. She doesn't know about the relationship, and that she is being tested by Jigsaw.

As the story goes on, many other things happen. This film really make you think about each thing that is going to happen.

This film gets a 7.5

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Saw 2

Yes, it's another Saw blog. This time it's about Saw 2. Are many of you upset? Possibly. But this has to be written because it is part of my Saw marathon/blog. The reason: I want people to know what I think about each film.

What can I say about Saw 2? There are many things that I can say. This is where it is going to be written.

The story again is one thing that attracted me to this movie. I wanted to see what Jigsaw was going to be up to this movie. It was a way different story from the first film. This film takes place in two different locations. One location is a house that was being pumped full of a poisonous gas. The reason why that was done was to try and slowly kill the people inside the house.

The second place that the movie takes place in an abandon building. This building is where Jigsaw is watching the people in the house through monitors. While there, a group of police and S.W.A.T. bust into the building. One of the people that is there is Detective Eric Matthews. The reason why he is there is because Jigsaw "called him out" at a crime scene. The other reason, Matthew's son Daniel is one of the people on the house.

Now, going back to the characters in the house. All of the people in the house have something in common. What? I'm not going to say. They all have to figure that out. While they are doing that they have to find a combination to the safe. Reason: to get an antidote in the safe. The combination is on.... That is where I am leaving that.

Making a second appearance is Amanda. She plays an important part in this film.

This film gets a 7

Saturday, October 02, 2010


As many of you may or may not know, Saw 3D is coming out on October 29, 2010. This is the last film in the Saw series. In the next three weeks, I am going to watch the first six movie movies to prepare myself for the final installment. I will give my views on each one as I go along. Each one will be done in an individual blog.

Right now I have finished the first Saw. What can or could I saw about this film? There are many things that I can and will say.

The first thing that comes to mind is the concept. The concept of the film is that two men, Dr. Lawrence Gordon, and another man named Adam, wake up in an abandoned bathroom. The only trouble is that they have to find a way out. On problem there; the are chained by the ankles to pipes on opposite sides of the room from each other.

As the story goes on, they have clues given to them about how to get out of the room, where things that they may need are, and that are given to each other without realizing.

The characters are great as well. Each one plays a part in telling this very interesting story. For instance, you hear the story of Dr. Gordon, and Adam, partially from them and partially from John who is referred to as "The Jigsaw Killer."

Zep is an interesting character, because the first time we see him in the movie, is in the hospital, as an orderly. Then we later find out something about him.

John/Jigsaw is a great character because he is the person who teaches his victims to respect life. The way he does that is by putting the victims in to traps, and gives them the chance to escape. Yes, many people think that he is a murderer, but technically he isn't.

Danny Glover's character is rather interesting. That is all I can say about that.

On a scale of 1-10 I give this Saw a 6!