Saturday, December 30, 2006


Vulgar is the is the directoring debut of View Askew member Bryan "Big" Johnson. The star of this movie is Brian C. O'Halloran (Dante of Clerks Fame), Ethan Suplee, and Brian "Big" Johnson. It is a movie about this one man named Will Carlson, who does kiddie birthday parties, known as Flappy. After seeing an article in the newspaper, Will or "Flappy," whichever you choose, decides to become the joke entertainment at bacholer parties. The deal is that is when he becomes Vulgar the clown, he would dress in womens clothing. Will gets a call about a party which is taking place in an apartment (which is apart 37), and gets raped, and pistol whipped by the mad Ed and his two sons. Will tells his friend Syd (played by "Big"), what had happened. At first they don't do anything. A year later Will gets his own TV show, Flappy's Fun House. Then, one night he gets a phone call, and it's Ed who is trying to blackmail him. For those of you who haven't seen it, I am going to leave it there. so, out of ten stars this 8 1/2.

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