Saturday, April 28, 2007

Hot Fuzz

Today I went to see the Simon Pegg/Edgar Wright movie Hot Fuzz. I went to see it with my friend Rich. I was really, really into seeing this movie. I thought "hell I loved Shaun of the Dead, why won't I like this?" It was completely different from what I had thought. I was like "this movie is going to be great, Yeah Boy!" Boy was I wrong. It did not live up to its expectations. I was very Let down by this movie. I just took a guess at this being the "sophomore jinx." That is what it is, the "sophomore jinx."
Don't get me wrong Pegg and his co-star Nick Frost (who was Danny) are a great team together, and Frost did steal the show, but It just didn't work. It is kind of like making another Spice Girls movie.
On a scale of 1-10 this gets a 2!

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Hodder213 said...

Are you insane, you liked Jackass and hated this? This was by far the funniest movie that has come out so far this year. The fact that it takes the ideas from action movies and doesn't make fun of them but incorporates them into it to make a better movie then those movies is brilliant. The acting is great, the writing is superb and Edgar Write is one of the best young directors around. To compare it to Shaun of the Dead is wrong wince they are two different movies. I know everyone is going to have their own ideas about movies, everyone is entitled to that but you have to be the only person that didn't LOVE this film. This is a 4 star movie end of story.