Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Donnie Darko is a very interesting movie, that not a lot of people know about. It is about a kid, of course named Donnie Darko, who has mental problems. Through out the entire movie we follow the progress of what happens to Donnie, while he is in school home and whatever else he does. We follow Donnie throughout the 28 days that this movie takes place. In those 28 days many different things happen to him. He meets a girl named Gretchen; who becomes his girlfriend, exposes a motivational speaker who has child porn in his basement, and we meet his imaginary friend Frank The Bunny!
I know what you are thinking "Frank the Bunny?" I am not going to mention anymore about that character, so what I am trying to say is watch the movie and find out what I am talking about.
There are two things that stick out from this movie and they are; "...You can go suck a fuck." and the second thing is "What are Feces? Baby mice!"
My words of advice go see Donnie Darko!

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