Sunday, December 23, 2007

Warriors Come Out and Play!!!

The Warriors. What can I say about The Warriors? It is a very interesting movie, about a gang called the Warriors who have to battle to get back to their home turf in Coney Island. The thing that makes it hard for them to do this is that Luther, a member of another gang shoots Cyrus, the ultimate gang leader, and blames it on The Warriors. A call goes out over the radio, and every gang is out to get them. While in the process Swan who becomes the new leader of the Warrior, get a girl, Mercy, to start tagging along with him.
This movie showed the struggle of what happens when someone is challenged, and they have to defend themselves, and make it back to their "turf" to be safe. It also shows what happens what happens when you have friends to help you defend yourself. What else more do you need in a movie?
This movie was totally awesome. The entire time I knew that they were going to make it, but I wanted to see if they would. Out of a possible 10 stars I give it 9 7/8

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