Saturday, June 07, 2008

Walking Hard because we need Cox; Dewey Cox that is

Many people told the movie Walk Hard:The Dewey Cox Story was very, very good. They also told me it was funny, and that it would make me laugh. I totally disagree. IT was not very, very funny, and it did not make me laugh. I was waiting 90 mins. for something to laugh at, but never found it. I am sorry to disappoint the many people that told me this John C. Reilly movie was funny. I did not find any of the movie funny at all. to me it was a really bad "after school special," for those of you who remember those. I know most of you don't, but trust me on this one, I've seen worse movie (i.e. Deconstructing Harry) that were better that this.
Hate me all you want for saying this, but this is how I totally truly feel about this movie and I will also continue to feel like this.

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