Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Movies from our past

I've realized that most people remember things from their childhood, For me one movie or character that stands out are the Ernest P. Worrell movies. the reason why I remember these is because they made you feel like these things that happen, could happen to you. Maybe that is just me, but it is true.
There are a couple of things that you knew were always going to happen with the Ernest movie: 1. A story that turns out worse than normal. 2. Ernest was going to talk to his friend Vern who you never saw. 3. Jim Varney (Ernest) was going to play 12 characters, and 4. it works out in the end with a few bumps and bruises.
There is one question that I wanted answered, but I think I have one. The question is: why don't we ever see Vern? The answer, we are Vern!

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