Sunday, November 02, 2008

DP, Editor, Looks like you've got you shit covered

Today November 2, 2008, I saw Kevin Smith's new movie Zack and Miri Make a Porno. It was a very entertaining movie. I am not saying this because I am a huge Kevin Smith fan. It was one of those movies that I laugh all the way through, even if other people weren't laughing. The same thing had happend with my friend Andrea who had went with me. Some times it felt like people were looking at us if we were crazy, when we the only two laughing.
A little back story. This is about two friends Zack and Miri, who are about to loose their apartment because they didn't pay any bills. The reason, really bad jobs. So after going to their 10 year high school reunion, they realize that they are worse off than anyone else. Their reason to get money back, they decide to make a porno. They go through the process of writing scripts, their first one was entitled Star Whores, and the second one that works out for them.
As part of the process they have to ask their friend Delaney to give them the money and make him a producer on the project, he decides to do it. This works out for them.
There are two people that were in Zack and Miri, that had gotten me to laugh, and of course they are Jason Mewes (Jay of Jay and Silent Bob Fame), and Jeff Anderson (Randall of Clerks fame). These two were the funniest in the cast.

Out of 10 stars I give it 10

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