Friday, July 20, 2007

One set of movies that I don't get

One set of movies that I don't get or wish to understand at all are the Harry Potter movies. I mean I get it's about some magical kid named Harry Potter. The thing that I don't get is what makes it so damn great. I can understand what makes other movies so great, and those things are action, adventure, story lines, characters, and what ever else goes into making a movie. To me the Harry Potter movies are for forty year-old virgins who still live in their mom and dads basement and play D&D for like eight or nine hours at a time.
I see no point in making a series about a kid who isn't really that important. I can say this knowing that the movies that I like are not important to everyone else, but, it's like who is really into this movies of magic and mystical sages other than the forty year-old virgin who lives in the basement and plays D&D. To me these movies should stop being made along with any movie starring Vin Diesel, Jennifer Aniston, Vince Vaughn, and any other crappy actor that just happened to get lucky.
I feel that Harry Potter is a huge waste of my time and a big waste of yours. It makes me think about why movies like this are actually made. Maybe my opinion about these movies is wrong, but a lot of people have the wrong opinion about the movies that I like. Until you the "faithful" Harry Potter viewer, hell maybe even viewers out there in this world, if there are more than one of you, give the movies I like a chance, don't go ragging on me!
So what I'm trying to get at is, Harry Potter is just about as interesting as a movie starring "The Rock."

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