Tuesday, June 14, 2011

David Arquette: The WCW Champion

Recently, I was thinking about the movie Ready To Rumble. This movie follows the story of two fans named Gordie (Arquette), and Sean (Caan),who are huge fan of pro-wrestling. The story involves Gordie and Sean following around and helping out their favorite wrestler, Jimmy King.

They do this, because they feel that King has lost his way, because he is an older wrestler (for WCW), and is put down by the other wrestlers. Gordie and Sean want to help King regain his World Heavyweight title, so that way he can regain his confidence.

Now on to other things. Let me say this, I enjoy bad movies, but this movie was so bad, that I don't know anyone who likes it. One major thing that made this bad was that World Championship Wrestling (WCW), had made David Arquette, their World's Champ.

This movie is so bad, it gets an NR for No Rating

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