Saturday, October 15, 2011

I Was Wondering if Anyone Would Like to Cut Loose with Some Bacon

I just wanted to say that I have the video for movie Footloose playing on youtube as I write this. Why? So it could possibly give me some inspiration as I write this. OK, what can I say about this movie. Plenty of things. Will people agree with them? No, but they will see what I have to say, whether they like it or not.

First thing to say, awesome 1980s movie. I know many people will say, "how can you say this is an awesome 1980s movie if you were a kid when this came out?" My
answer: I might have been born in 1982, but I saw this movie, and enjoyed it. The reason why I enjoyed it was because of the cast.

Ah, the cast, another reason why I thought this movie was awesome. Footloose has some very famous people in it that most of us recognize. The first Kevin Bacon. The second John Lithgow, and the third Chris Penn. I know what you're thinking. Yes Chris' brother played Spicolli in Fast Times at Ridgemont High. OK, there ya go an 80s cross reference.

Now, going back to the cast. Kevin Bacon, ya know the star, the guy who played Ren. You might remember from other movies such as JFK, and A Few Good Men. Great in this role. Out of all the people in the 1980s who could've had the lead, as I've told people, "Nothing Better Than Bacon!"

Rev. Shaw, or should I say John Lithgow. Most of us know him from the film Harry and The Henderson's and Third Rock From The Sun. In this film, Lithgow plays the very strict bible thumping Rev. Shaw. Throughout Footloose he tries to hold the kids down because of past events.

Chris Penn. What can we say about Chris Penn. Well, he played Willard, the not so smart, bad dancing, funny guy to Kevin Bacon's Ren. "Nothing better than Chris Penn in this role!"

Now let's cut loose!

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