Saturday, October 01, 2011

Topic: Who Shot First Han or Greedo

I know that everyone has their opinions on the Star Wars movies. By that, I mean episodes I-VI. Let me just throw my opinion out there rather quickly, I enjoy Episodes IV, V, and VI, the best. My reasoning, you don't need to know how Vader became Vader, just know that he did.

One thing that annoys most, nay, in all the Stars Wars movies is the reedits that George Lucas did on the films after about thirty years.

Yes, I got picky and said the editing. The reason why is because editing helps tell a good story. I know that's the craziest thing any of you have ever heard. A reason why I bring this up, is because Lucas' reedits do not, I repeat, do not fit the film. There is one in particular that I'll talk about, and I know most of you are thinking of. The answer to that, yes, it is that scene that has been a topic of discussion for years.

Yes, the reedited scene I am going to talk about is: "The who shot first" scene. For those of you how don't remember, Han is trying to get out of the bar and is stopped by Greedo. Greedo and Han have an altercation while sitting at a table. In the original version, Han shot Greedo, and kills him. In the reedit, the scene starts as normal, then Greedo shoots at Han who "moves his head" then shoots Greedo.

The thing that I love about this, is that it has caused major arguments with people like myself, who have seen both versions. This scene has even made its way in to pop culture. In 2006, Kevin Smith makes a reference to this scene. This happens when Jason Lee's character Lance Dowd walks into Mooby's resteraunt and sees Dante and Randal working there. He goes on to say "we can stay here and argue about who shot first Han or Greedo, but I've got someplace to be."

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