Thursday, March 11, 2010

A man of worth never gets up to unsay what he said yesterday... Remember that.

Many people are into crazy things. One of those crazy things that people are into is finding Bigfoot. That is exactly what the character of Donner (Jason Lee) really wants to do. This all comes about when only one of the groups gets money on "Welfare Wednsday."

After this happen Donner, Az (Jason Mewes) and the rest of the group start to make a trip to "find a Cabin" that Donner's Uncle "owns" in the woods of British Columbia, Canada.

What the rest of the group doesn't know is that they are being led on a wild goose chase in order to find Bigfoot. After a while, the group catches on, and finds out that they've been had and gives up on Donner, and leaves him in the middle of the woods.

If there's one thing this movie teaches me, it's make sure you know what you are getting yourself into. Along with that I must say that this is one hell of a first movie by Malcolm Ingram and Matt Gissing.

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