Sunday, July 25, 2010

People (aka actors) in movies

I know everyone has their favorite actors out there in Hollyweird. I will say, yes I do as well, but there are some actors and actresses that annoy the living piss out of me. I know I, just like everyone else and not perfect, nor do I claim to be, but some of them annoy me.

I honestly don't know where to start. This is something that I have to think about for a bit. Wow, this really hard. OK, I got it.

1) The entire cast of the Jersey Shore. OK, i know they aren't movie stars, but I had to put them up here. The reason why is because they are a bunch of god damned phonies, who freakin' get drunk every night, act like they are the coolest, which they aren't, they say stuff that gets them punched in the mouth and wonder why, and they do a dumb ass fist pump. They should get my fist pumped up their asses.

2) Jude Law- one word douchebag.

3) The Twilight pansies-Just like I said they're pansies.

4) Whoever else I feel like hating-Reason, because they aggravate me and make me want to kill them!

That's just my view on that.


Twin Mom said...

You mean you DON'T like glittery vampires and day-shifting werewolves?!

But Jude! lol

Mr. Moviefone said...

No he's not. He's obnoxious