Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Should Some Movies Have sequels

I have a question for you movie watchers out there? That question is: Should some movies have sequels?

There are different views on it, and I will give you my readers, mine. OK, so how to look at this? This is tough, but I am headed to that point now.

If the series has a character that is needed in the story-line, yes, make sequels. Why? I say that you should make the sequels with a certain character, just say Freddy, Jason, or Micheal Myers, people will be interested to see what happens with them next. People will want to see how they will survive, and how many people they will take out to live.

For the same reason you might not want to make to many sequels. Why? People will get tired of the characters and want something new out of the characters, creators, and the series.

Another reason for keeping up with sequels is to see how many different stories the writing/creative time can come up with.

I know this is short but these are my opinions

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Anthony said...

Hollywood execs make sequals because the original film made a lot of money for the studio. The movies that don't make profits obviously should not have sequals period. As a film critic you really can't ignore the big picture. Yes Jay and Silent Bob were great in the many sequels. But Miramax funded the film in expectancy that they would get it back and more some. Yes characters are a big factor in bringing fans back to the theater to make money. Hollywood will make sequals and knock-offs until the formula stops working.