Tuesday, March 08, 2011

I Saw This Movie in 3-D

Yes, this is another one of my painstakingly boring Saw Blogs. OK, so here I am to talk about it anyway. I know many people will be thinking "Oh God, not another blog."

This had to be the best and most interesting movie out of the seven. One of the many reasons is because, it had the only trap that was held outside. Do I know why that stands out to me? No, but I am not really sure how to say it.

I guess it is because of the return of some old Characters, the traps being even more gruesome, the rivalry between Jill (Jigsaw's widow), and Hoffman (a corrupt police detective).

Another reason why Saw 3-D was interesting, was the return of Dr. Gordon from the Saw film. Was this a smart move to bring him back this late? Yes, and no. Yes, because you kept wondering what happened to him. It wasn't smart to bring him back this late for the same reason.

I mean it was smarter to hold out on Gordon coming back this later. Why? because it's like did he survive? did he die? will they find him? I totally agree with this choice. Why? Because you knew he was going to come back, but when. Also, if he was coming back, it made you think is Gordon going to carry on Jigsaw's work?

Unfortunately, I'm not gonna say everything. Go see it.

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