Sunday, March 27, 2011

Many different kinds of movies

This post is coming from something a friend of my friend Alex posted on facebook. His comment had to do with kinds of movie. I never really thought about it, but, there are different kinds of movies that come out in bunches. Some of those movies are: sports, video game, and movies based on TV shows.

The only reason why I decided to use this topic as a blog is because it is interesting, and gives movie goers something to think about.

Some sports movies that can fit into this blog are: Rudy, The Bad News Bears (Walter Matthau), Rookie of the Year, and countless others. I just chose those ones because they were the first ones that came to mind. I know, they are the ones that you may not like. Me, I like them. Why? Because, they get you to fall in love with the main characters in some way. That's my opinion.

Right now the video game movies that come to mind are Street Fighter, and Mortal Kombat. Again, I chose these, because they are the ones that I saw and found enjoyable. Go ahead disagree, it's your right.

One TV show that was made into a movie that I enjoyed was Masters of the Universe based on the He-man cartoon. What made this movie so good was that it was so awful. Oh yeah, I was five when I first saw it.

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