Thursday, April 21, 2011

Of Gods and Men

Last night I saw the Lenten movie, Of Gods and Men, with a bunch of people from church. Being the movie lover I am, I said I'd go. I honestly thought this would be a some-what decent movie, I mean for one that happened to be about religion.

I will admit that the movie had an interesting story. It was about a bunch of priest/brothers who were living in a war torn country, and trying to help people who are less fortunate. While watching this film, I begin to feel like the story was to long and to drawn out. Yes, I know religious movies are supposed to show a majority of the story of some kind of "persecution," but this movie was turning into Lord of The Rings. I mean there were thirty-five false endings.

OK, I'll admit my view on religion isn't exactly like those of people who are over religious, but I mean come on, you can carry a story about religion so far. I know people are going to jump on me for that statement, but remember, your overly religious views aren't 100% correct either.

What I'm getting at is this: this movie was too long and not really a Lenten thing.

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