Thursday, January 14, 2010

Post 100 Here's Joooooooohny! Part 2

As I've stated before, I think that Stanley Kubrick is a genius. If I haven't, Stanley Kubrick is a genius. The Shining is a great movie. This movie, like many of Kubrick's other movie, screws with your head and makes you think about one thing and something else happens. I think that this film is great! The reason is the cast, which is headed by the legendary Jack Nicholson. He makes this movie just about, or even more scary than it should be.
I say this because, The Shining makes you stay on edge the entire time that you are watching it. It makes you feel like you could possibly be next on Jack Torrance's list of people to talk too. The Shining made me feel like I was the camera person on the set, and that I was each and everyone of those characters.
Jack Nicholson made this movie outstanding. I say this, because Jack is one of the best actors of the last twenty or thirty years. He makes you believe his character also named Jack, is going insane, and wants you to go insane with him. Maybe this is just me, but this is how the character makes me feel. It's like he is saying come on, going crazy is fun, everyone is doing it.
On a scale of 1-10, I give this movie a 9 1/2 stars. Agree if you want, disagree if you want, because everyone has their own opinions and I respect that.

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