Saturday, June 05, 2010

Ten little, nine little, eight little indians

The Book: And Then There Were None. The movie: And Then There Were None. The person responsible: Agatha Christie.

The story tells us about 8 people who travel to a secluded island and meet the maid and the butler. (For those of you wondering, there's your ten people). While on their way to the island we see a one shot of each person, to get an idea of their background.

As the movie goes on, everyone is introduced to each other and to us as the audience. We find out that they were all invited to the island by a Mr. U. N. Owen. They are all on the island wondering when they are going to me this Owen. While we are watching we must pay attention, because we have to figure out who Owen is and if anyone survives.

I'm not going to ruin this for you, so my suggestions go out and rent it. From 1-10 it's am 8.75

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