Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Yes, I know I blogged about documentaries before. Yes, I know they were one by Mr. Michael Moore. But let me tell you this. This blog is going to be different. Why is that you might be wondering? OK, some of you may not be wondering that, but I'm gonna tell ya any way.

In this blog discussing documentaries, I am going to talk about Beyond the Mat. I know many people are thinking I really don't wanna really a review for a movie that's about pro-wrestling. If you don't, then stop right there. If you are interested, keep on going.

This film show what happens for the guys and girls who are trying to make it in the world of wrestling. Also, it shows us the directors long found interest in the sports world of wrestling. The reason for saying that is, he wants to meet and follow around fellow Long Islander Mick Foley.

While this is happening we also see that the director, Barry Blaustien also follows around and gets the story from Jake the Snake Roberts. Although Jake's story is sad, it opens up my eyes to what can happen to a person at the end of a career in any field.

I give this film an 8!!!!!!!!!!

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