Thursday, August 04, 2011

You Can Tell by the Way I Use My Walk I'm a Women's Man

The 1970s. New York. The Bee Gee's. Disco. Leisure Suits. John Travlota. That's right folks, it's Saturday Night Fever.

I have a feeling that people might ask me why I am writing about a movie that came out five years before I was born.

OK, if you really wanna know, I'll tell ya. For me, it has to deal with seeing what New York was like at the tail end of the 1970s into the 1980s. Also, it has to deal with see a movie about disco. How many people would want to see a disco movie. A lot of people apparently.

I, like many people, love this movie, because it gives you the feel of the disco era and a hope that, that time would never change and come back again one day.

Come on,we all know that is true. I mean hell I would love to go back to '77 and go to a disco and meet someone like Travolta's character of Tony Manero. Wouldn't we all?

I would say this movie personifies the 1970s. I give it a 10

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