Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Crow

The movie I am going to review now is The Crow, starring Brandon Lee. This movie was released in 1994. This movie is about a rock musician, named Eric Draven, played by Lee, who comes back to life to avenge the death of him and his girlfriend Shelly. Eric and Shelly were supposed to be married on Halloween, but were killed by four criminals named Dunboy, Tin Tin, Skank, and T-Bird. They were killed in their apartment on what was known as Devil's Night.
Eric and Shelly were killed because they wanted to get the apertments in their neighborhood cleaned up. A year later we see Eric come back to life to avenge the death of him and his girlfriend. When he does this, he kills the criminals in order of how they raped his girlfriend. While going after each person Eric is guided by a crow.
This movie shows and teaches people that no matter what happens to you, for example or if you move, many people will always remember and love you. This happens with a lot of people.
Out of 10 stars I give the Crow eight stars.

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RCL said...

Your review of this movie is very insightful and keep up the great work!