Saturday, July 22, 2006

Second Clerks II Blog

Today I saw Clerks II again. This time around it was way better than the first time I saw it yesterday. There are manythings that make this movie. I'll get in to that in a minute. It is and was a great choice for Kevin Smith to bring back one last time. I surely do hope that Mr. Smith (not the one who goes to Washington), brings back Jay and Silent Bob for another movie prefrebly Clerks III. I would love to se that in every way possible. It would make people such as myself happy. I know it would make some others very unhappy, and I know a few who would be, but I am not naming names. But that's an all together different story that doesn't belong in this blog.
One thing that made me very happy about Clerks II was getting to see long time friend of Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes back on the big screen. This made me very happy, because he (being Mewes), had to keep a deal with Kevin Smith, which he did and got to keep the role of Jay. If Jay wasn't playing Jay in this movie I honestly dont think it would have been as good as it was. I say this, because with a guy like Mewes playing a character that is basically him, it wouldn't feel right with some one like Seth Green playing this role, because there is only one Jay, and that is Mr. Mewes himself.
I have to give all these talented people credit for what they had done. This is all for this blog.

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