Thursday, July 20, 2006

The first movie review

The first two movies that I will review are going to be Hoodwinked, and Chicken Little. Both of these are Disney Pixar movies, that were incredibly well done. When I heard that these two movies were going to be made, I thought to myself, this isn't going to sell well to many people. I will tell the truth that I did not want to see them, because I thought "this is stupid. These are stupid little kiddy movies that nobody will enjoy!" After people telling me that these were great movies, I still didn't believe them. It was "who do they think they are telling the movie man to go see a movie." It didn't see logical to me.

Just recently I had stopped in the Blockbuster (which is becoming "lackluster"), and saw that they were having a deal on DVD's. The deal wasn't that bad it was a three DVD's for $20.00. I thought this wasnt that bad of a deal. The first time I stopped in the store I saw Hoodwinked, which, I thought to myself, could be a good movie. So it was one of the three that I bought. The next day I wound up buying Chicken Little.

Later that day I wound up watching Hoodwinked. I thought it was very, very interesting, because it tells five different stories of Little red Riding Hood. It starts off by telling us the story as we know it; which is that Red (as she's now known) goes to bring her grandma goodies. Of course it doesn't turn out that way. At one point in the movie, the Wolf, Grandma, Red, and Kirk the Woodsman, are all in Grandma's house. A short while after the police show up and we hear four different stories, from the four characters. I won't ruin, the rest of the movie for every one, so out of a possible 10 stars I give Hoodwinked, nine out of the 10.

The other Disney Pixar movie that I recently watched was Chicken Little. This was adapted from the Children's story about a little chicken who said the sky was falling. After saying, this nobody believes him. So through out the movie he has to find a way to prove that he is not crazy and the "sky was falling." SO he does something with his friends and tries to clear his name which doesn't work out so well. Later on in the movie, he again alerts the town that the sky is falling, but they don't believe him at all.

After that he does prove that something did fall from the sky, but I won't tell you what it is. This movies is a great adaptaion of this famous children's story. Out of 10 stars I give it an 8.5, just because of having Garry Marshall doing a voice.

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