Monday, February 08, 2010

Football Post

I know most people are wondering "what does football have to do with movies?" This is what I am about to tell you. Football comes into play, because I am going to talk about the football film Rudy starring Sean Astin, son of John "Gomez Adams" Astin, and Patty Duke, as Dan "Rudy" Ruettiger (SP?).

I am writing this blog about Rudy, considering that the Super Bowl (which the Saints won) took place. I am writing this blog to show that if one person or team works hard enough, they can accomplish their dreams. This is what happened to Rudy (Astin), and to the Saints in Miami on February 7, 2010.

I bring up that point because in the film, it tells the story about how Rudy (Astin) wants to play football for Notre Dame, but is told that he is not good enough, big enough and just can't make it. So, Rudy decides to prove everyone wrong, just like the Saints, and makes it to Notre Dame, and works at accomplishing his dreams.

Rudy proving that he can accomplish his dreams, is just like the Saints accomplishing their dreams and winning the Super Bowl of February 7, 2010. They fought and fought, just like Rudy, past every obstacle, competitor, and person who tries to hold them down and prove that they couldn't do it. I say that, because that is exactly what happened in both cases.

Hey if you want to disagree, go right ahead. If you want to agree, go right ahead, tell me I want to hear it.

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