Friday, February 05, 2010

War Movies

This is a topic that I have yet to touch on. I guess I chose war movies, because they are a type of movie that catch my attention. I don't remember when it started. Maybe it was around my junior year of high school, after having an awesome history teacher . Now back to the topic. I guess watching all these war movies make you think and show you what all of the people in the military have gone through while serving this country that we call home or what ever country is called home.

One of the first war movies that I will admit to enjoying is Saving Private Ryan starring Tom Hanks and Matt Damon. It tells the story of D-Day or June 6, 1944, when U.S. Soldiers stormed the beaches at Normandy. Not only does it do that, it tells the story of an army platoon (headed by Hanks) who has to go out and find Pvt. James F. Ryan, to tell him that he is being sent home from active duty at that time. The reason is because all of his brothers who were serving in the same platoon were all killed and he was the only one out of the five (?) who survived. (That part was actually happened in another branch, and the rule was put into affect that they can serve in the same branch, but not the same platoon.)

The platoon looking for Ryan runs into some trouble when a few of their men are killed. That's only the small problem. The biggest problem is when they actually find Ryan. Why is that the biggest problem you ask? They find the person with the right name but from the wrong state. They Found James F. Ryan from Minnesota, not Iowa.

The second one is Pearl Harbor. This tells about the Japanese attack on the Pearl Harbor Naval base in Hawaii. It also tells the story of two friends who want to go into the service together. It is an interesting film that tells a story about the times and days leading up to December 7, 1941--The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

Both of these movies make me have more respect for the people who serve and fight for their countries during war time

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