Friday, November 05, 2010

My many different film/movie views

As many people know, I was a film student while I was in school. Yes, many times, I've been asked "why did decide to study film?" I answered "so that way, I don't have to do math!" Other than that I've been asked "What was the easiest part of studying film?" Again, I say "I don't have to do math!'

Let's move on. Because I studied film and the history of it in school, I have many different opinions. Many people don't listen to what I have to say, but then realize that I am right. The funny thing is that when people realize I am right, they still try make me feel like I am wrong.

I want people who didn't study film, I am usually (99.9%) right. Even if you don't agree with me, I am still right. Yes, some of the movies I like, will be liked by everyone else, but it can be proved to anyone why they can be seen as fun.

Now on to my views. My views of film are on the very askew end of the spectrum, are see as wrong. That is not true. I can get my opinion just from watching the trailer on television (aka the idiot box). Most people don't believe me, but I know better.

I tried to tell people what movies to see and not see, because of my views. Like I mentioned, my views are right, no matter what people see. What I'm wondering is: why don't people trust my views? They should know better, but until they do, screw the people who don't listen!

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