Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Saw IV These little piggies

As I sit here writing, I realized how outstanding the Saw movies have become. In each one, you as the viewer get more clues each time. You see more things that show up, and one of those things is pigs.

This may sound weird, but yes, pigs. Pigs show up through all four movies at this point, but majorly throughout this film. In every film, we always see the pig in a form of a mas, when people are captured to be put into a trap. The first time we see the pigs in Saw IV, is when Jeff and Lynn's daughter is caught sleeping with her brother's pig doll. The reason why she is sleeping with it is because her brother is dead and she misses him.

The Chinese New Year scene, is the second time we see the piggies. The Pigs are seen, because it's supposed to be the Chinese year of the pig. During this scene, which is a flashback, we see see many people including Jigsaw.

The main reason why I believe the writers did this, was to show us how people can filthy animals. That's right, people become animals and can be highly uncivilized; just like the people Jigsaw put in the traps.

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