Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Opinion like tea leaf in hot water... Both need time for Brewing

The title is a quote from world famous detective Charlie Chan. This comes from the film Charlie Chan in Honolulu. For those of you who don't know, Charlie Chan is an Asian man who works for the Hawaiian Police Department.

Unlike the detectives of today, Charlie is very clever.

But before I continue, I'll mention a few things about the character. When the movies were made, two main actors played the part. The two men were Warner Orland, and Sidney Tolar (my personal favorite).

Something that seems...um ludicrous, is how an Asian man, Chan, is played by two white men.

Now back to the Movie. The movie takes place on a freight ship. It takes place on the way to Honolulu. The movie starts out with Charlie finding out that his is having a grandchild. After rushing to the hospital, the phone rings, and Number Five Son answered it. As he goes to deliver them the message, Number Two Son Jimmy, wants to be a detective like his father and tries to take control.

Yes, it starts out like that, but Charlie comes to the rescue. The reason why he comes to the rescue, because the police find out he is not on the ship. After finding out, the police get Charlie on board.

As the film goes on, Chan, as well as us the viewer, gets the same clues, multiple times. Some of the clues, are seen and not heard, but Charlie still figures out who committed the crime. He does this in a very interesting way.

Even though this was only my second Charlie Chan Movie, I found it quiet enjoyable. The way some people cause problems were hysterical. I give this movie an 8 1/2 out of 10.

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