Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Saw 2

Yes, it's another Saw blog. This time it's about Saw 2. Are many of you upset? Possibly. But this has to be written because it is part of my Saw marathon/blog. The reason: I want people to know what I think about each film.

What can I say about Saw 2? There are many things that I can say. This is where it is going to be written.

The story again is one thing that attracted me to this movie. I wanted to see what Jigsaw was going to be up to this movie. It was a way different story from the first film. This film takes place in two different locations. One location is a house that was being pumped full of a poisonous gas. The reason why that was done was to try and slowly kill the people inside the house.

The second place that the movie takes place in an abandon building. This building is where Jigsaw is watching the people in the house through monitors. While there, a group of police and S.W.A.T. bust into the building. One of the people that is there is Detective Eric Matthews. The reason why he is there is because Jigsaw "called him out" at a crime scene. The other reason, Matthew's son Daniel is one of the people on the house.

Now, going back to the characters in the house. All of the people in the house have something in common. What? I'm not going to say. They all have to figure that out. While they are doing that they have to find a combination to the safe. Reason: to get an antidote in the safe. The combination is on.... That is where I am leaving that.

Making a second appearance is Amanda. She plays an important part in this film.

This film gets a 7

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